Nyabururu Girls High School Details, Fees, Results, Location and Contacts

Description of Nyabururu High School
Nyabururu Girls High Girls is a girls-only girls’ school located in Kitutu Chache, Kisii County. The school exposes students to the moral aspects of life and therefore produces all the citizens around them. For more information, please check your contacts below;

Nyabururu Girls High School aims to prepare students to make a positive contribution to the development of society and to the values ​​of patriotism, self-esteem, self-confidence, cooperation, adaptability, sense of purpose and self-discipline.

Nyabururu Girls High School is classified as a public high school and is funded by the Kenyan government and run by a board of directors and parent and teacher organizations (PTA).

Higher education in Kenya starts at age 14 and works for four years. Upon graduation, students reside in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). This prepares them for university, colleges, intermediate jobs, technology, technical and technical training.
Quick facts

Here are some interesting facts that you do not want to miss;

School Code: 38600003
Level: High School
Date / Board: Boarding
Gender: Only girls
Identity: Public
Sponsor: Government of Kenya
Student Needs: General
Program: 844

School curriculum
Kenya’s high school curriculum covers six major areas:

Communication: English, Swahili, and foreign languages),
Science: Natural Science and Natural Sciences.
Personality: History, government, social education, geography, religious education, and ethics),
Applied Education: Agriculture, business, accounting, commerce, industrial education, wood technology, metal technology, power machinery, electrical technology, typing and office work, home science, clothing and textiles, food and nutrition, arts and music)
Physical education.
Nyabururu Girls’ High School Form Selection and Admissions
The choice of one Form is made with strong academic and educational guidelines. In most cases students with high KCPE marks and who have chosen a school as the first choice are given priority

Co-curricular Activities
Here are some of the homework assignments students do while in school.
Drama Group
Debate Group
Wildlife Club
Nature Group
Journalism Club
Science Club
Computer club
School leadership through a body of managers
SDA community
CU (Christian Union)
YCS Catholic.
Nyabururu Girls High School KCSE Results
Individuals can view their KCSE results via SMS or online using the SMS number or website link provided when the test is issued. Applicants and parents should visit the school to get a receipt for their official results. The results of all candidates and the school, district and local level can be obtained from the school office.

The Department of Education advises parents, teachers and students to check the KCSE results slip to find any irregularities such as incorrect student name, school name and code and incorrect grade and report to KNEC within one month after the announcement.

November High School Fees, Account Number and Uniformity
For details on school fees, account number and uniform, please contact the principal or school office using the contacts below.

Slogan, Vision and Mission
School Motto: Quality Life Education for Higher Education
School Equipment: Not available.
School Vision: Unavailable.
Nyabururu Girls High School Contacts (Address, Location, Email, Phone and Website)
Name of School: Nyabururu Girls High School
Location: Kitutu Chache District, Kisii District
Address: P.O. Box 533, 40200 Kisii
City / Town: Kisii
Region: Kisii
School Category: Public
School Code: 38600003
Telephone number: 064-22008, 0723-538393
Email: nyabururugirlsnationalschool @ yahoo.com
Website: www.nyabururu.girls.high.school.co.ke

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