Nyambaria Boys High school KCSE Result analysis, Contacts Admission criteria, History, Location, Fees structure, Website and KNEC Code

Nyambaria is a Boys school that if located in Nyamira County, Manga Sub county in Kitutu Masaba. This is a giant school in the Gusii region with an outstanding performance. The school has been nicknamed “London” because of it’s Location on a hill and its affluence. The school was established back in 1966 as a small school with very few facilities, but the school has grown into a very big institution in the whole region.

The school is also pegged strong christian faith under the seventh day adventist because the school was initially sponsored by the SDA fraternity. This implies that there is no learning on Saturdays as this is the day of worship. The students are only allowed to study as from 6.00 pm on Saturday.

The school has always posted good results during the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with over 70% of the students making to the University with the minimum university entry of C+. The school has always remained the giant and will still remain because of the good leadership that has been engraved in that school.

The school has a population of 2,500 students and a staff of 100 teachers. Every teacher teaches only one subject which he/she has specialized in. This allows the teachers to perfect on their subject area.

The School has had seven principals since its inception. From the outstanding performance that the school has always maintained, it goes without saying that these principals have really worked tirelessly. From the results also we can conclude that these principals have got good leadership skills.

The list of principals who have served the school and the years they have been there since its inception are as follow;

1. Mr. Charles Mokaya who served between 1966- 1969

2. Mr. Daniel Mosomi between 1970-1973

3. Mr. Musa Mokano between 1974-1989

4. Mr. Lazarus Mainye between 1990-2003

5. Robinson Otwori between 2004-2016

6. Mr. Gerald Orina between 2016-2018

7. Mr. Boaz Owino who took over from 2018 and is the present principal in the school.

The principal in this school is being assisted by the two deputies in charge of academics and another of administration. Onesmus Ong’uti is the deputy Principal in charge of administration and Augustus Nyamanga is in charge of academics.

The school also is organised into academic departments which include, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Langua Eepartment.

The mathematics department is headed by Mr. Abel Chanua, Science department by Mr. Morendi Simeon, Humanities Department by Mr. James Njuguna, English Department by Mr. Owen Omwana and lastly the Kiswahili Department by Mr. Erick Asiago.

KCSE Analysis for 2019

In 2019, the school registers a candidature of 477 students. They managed to attain a mean of 8.0105. Out of the candidature, 370 students manged a grade of C+ and above which is 77.75% of the students who scored the minimum University grade and above hence securing a regular program at the University.

The Distribution of grades were as follows

A – 1; A- -35; B+ – 86; B – 85; B- – 81; C+ – 82; C – 61; C- – 30; D+ – 13; D – 3

Form One selection and admission criteria

Selection of form ones is not done in school, but its done by the ministry of education. The ministry selects the students and sends respective names of students to school where the students are allowed to download the letter from the ministry’s online portal. If the student wants to forfeit the letter of offer in the school selected and opt for Nyambaria, the parent should come to school so that the school will send a request to the Mistry asking them to place you in this school, if the ministry approves your request, then you will be required to download your letter which you will carry on admission day.

School Motto

Education for life

School Vision

Quality education for Development

School Mission

To offer Quality Education for academic excellence, spiritual growth and Service to the Community.

School slogan

To Pass is a must, Failure is your choice.

School Contact information

School Number: 0202162318/0711298338

Email Address: nyambariaschool@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.nyambaria.high.school.co.ke

School Details

School type: Public

Level: Secondary School

Affiliation: Seventh Day Adventist

Gender: Boys

Status: National School

School Fees Structure

Nyambari Boys Fees Structure


Nyambaria Boys Teaching Staff


Nyambaria Boys Entrance gate


Tuition Block


Assembly During Flag Raising

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