Nyandarua ECDE Teachers Get Permanent Employment Under New Work Scheme

The Nyandarua County government issued employment letters to 200 new early-year learning teachers on Thursday morning, bringing the total number of those hired on permanent terms to 581.

When the new work scheme was launched in May, the first batch of 381 teachers received their letters, reducing the teacher-pupil ratio from 1:60 to 1:40.

The hiring of new Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers raises the county’s wage bill by approximately Sh250 million per year in salary and allowances.

The hiring of the teachers, who have also received deployment letters, comes with a new curriculum designed to meet the standards of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

It was created by the county department of education and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Governor Francis Kimemia, in issuing the letters, directed the Human Resources department to ensure that teachers are fully supported in implementing the new curriculum.

“My administration has invested heavily in the improvement and modernization of ECDE centers across the county, 86 ECDE classrooms have been completed, 21 are ongoing, and 31 sanitation facilities have been completed; 15 are ongoing,” he said.

“We appreciate that capacity building for CBC is requisite for the implementation of the new curriculum. Towards this, my government will continue to provide adequate resources for the training of all ECDE teachers across the country.”

He stated that a plan is in place to reduce the teacher-pupil ratio to 1:25, implying that more teachers will be needed.

He emphasized that children who receive high-quality, relevant pre-primary education are better prepared for primary school.

Governor Kimemia urged the newly hired teachers to give their children their all.

He assured teachers that merit-based promotions would be made, and other planned interventions include capitation for operational costs, continued approval of infrastructure, and promotion of digital learning in ECDE classrooms.

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