Only Those Enrolled For TPD Will Benefit From The 2021-2025 CBA

Teachers Service Commission has experienced low teacher registration for 30 yrs teacher professional development training.

According to TSC, only 20,000 teachers have registered for the program which started in December last year. This is very little in view of the fact that over 300,000 teachers are employed by the commission.

To change this trend the Teachers Service Commission has added the importance of teacher professional development training on pay increment.

TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia says that only those teachers who have registered for TPD will be considered for increment in CBA 2021-2025.

When it comes to salary hikes, it should be noted that the 2021-2025 collective bargaining agreement is mainly in favor of classroom teachers who make up a large percentage of the teaching profession.

This information will motivate more teachers to participate and register in the program as they are longing for that salary increase.

The commission has also offered to grant teachers a pre adoptive leave of 45 days from the date of adoption.


Couples will now be transferred to schools near each other (if both are teachers). However this will be subject to availability of vacancies.

At the same time as part of the Commission‘s efforts to recognise exemplary teachers, the teachers’ employer this month rolled out an exercise to capture data of all those staff who excel in various spheres of work with a view to rewarding them accordingly as would be decided from time to time.

These areas would include excellence in national examinations, sport, theatre, institutional management, innovation, research, and advocacy, among others.

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