Otile Brown Has Suffered a Major Setback As Youtube Has Banned And Deleted His Songs

RnB singer Otile Brown has had some of his songs pulled by YouTube, and says he doesn’t know why.


Born Jacob Obunga, Otile Brown’s popular hits including Dusuma, Chaguo La Moyo, Ayana and This Kinda Love have been removed from the popular video channel.


The reason for this action, which consists of the singer’s original songs, has left fans to speculate.


‘Dusuma’ was one of the most viewed videos in the country, garnering an estimated 27 million views before being removed.


In June 2020, the ‘Chaguo La Moyo’ hitmaker was ranked one of the most viewed artists by the US Billboard charts.


Featuring Jovial with his latest song “Such Kinda Love”, which garnered a slew of views, growing over the 800K view bar, the artist’s talent was on the rise.


However, this isn’t the first time Otile Brown has been in a tight spot with YouTube.


‘Just in Love’ King and his high-flying rapper counterpart King Kaka suffered a setback last year when YouTube dubbed their trending collabo a ‘fight’, allegedly by Deyminbrown, citing copyright infringement. was filed.


Taking to his social media pages, the ‘Dundaying’ hitmaker denounced the growing number of alleged copyright claims from people, saying they were just bogus.

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