Over 3,000 Schools Are facing Closure

Shools with less than 180 students may soon be closed if the petition before parliament passes.

According to anonymous sources, such schools have been receiving resources from MOE but they have been unable to remunerate subordinate staffs, BOM teachers and ran various operations.

It has also dawned on the MOE that supporting such schools will no longer be tainable for they’re a waste of resources.

Consequently, the GK has directed KNEC to ensure that each registered KCSE &KCPE examination centre has 30 and above students.

Therefore, KNEC has advised schools with less than 30 students to join populated neigbouring schools as their 2022 KCSE and KCPE examination centres thus, loss of invigilation and supervision contracts.

Amalgamation of schools isn’t a bad idea since teachers who are currently, serving in the small schools will soon be transferred to ‘good schools’ (national and extra- county schools).

However, this will lead to actute unemployment for newly trained teachers. Word has it that some of the schools have been closed in various counties and more faces closure.

Let our CMs check on the possibility of admitting more students instead of closing our futuristic pay points. Let’s protect our birth rate pay points. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

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