P1 And ECDE Teachers To Upgrade To Diploma In PTE And ECTE, School Heads To inform their teachers

Since the start of the year 2021,there has been serious debates about the trainings of teachers who are already employed by Teachers Service Commission and those not yet employed by the commission.This is as a result of the government seeking to upgrade teachers training to diploma in order to fully effect the new curriculum.

The government has decided to come out clear by informing the Regional Directors to pass the information to the school heads to prepare their teachers for the exercise that is likely to start soon

Both public and private schools countrywide are likely to open next week after one week break .The students are therefore expected to begin the 2021 academic calendar that shall last for only 30 weeks unlike the normal calendar that lasted for 39weeks  .

On the same note, the new CBC is also expected to run another phase of implementation as from Monday 26th for grade five pupils.

The Teachers Service Commission has however been previously training  a a number of teachers on the new CBC,therefore most  teachers are now equipped with the required skills needed for successful implementation of the same.

The ministry of education is now in the process of advertising the upgrading Diploma program for the  year 2021. This was said in a meeting that was held on 15th July 2021 at the kenya institute of curriculum development(KICD) that was chaired by chief Administrative officer(CAS) and a representative of the Teachers Service Commission.

The members agreed that the upgrade diploma for advertisement will be for the trained teachers who are not in service and wish to upgrade from ECDE certificate to Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education and from primary Teacher Education to Diploma in primary Teacher Education respectively .

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