Parent To Stay With Their Children At Home As Magoha Increases Mid Term Days

Parents are now crying to the ministry of health in order to don’t increase the mid term break as it was said by the education cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha. Magoha said that he will communicate how school will go back after the mid term break which started on Thursday 4th June and which is supposed to end on Monday 7th.

Parents say that with the high cost of living due to the corona pandemic they find it hard to survive with their children at home. They also say that there was no need for the students to go for the midterm break since the schools will close in a months time. Others say that it has been a burden to them since it’s a must for the students to be having the remaining school fees balance for this term and which they had not planned for since the ministry of education had communicated earlier that there will be no mid term break this term.

Professor Magoha said that due to increase in the number of corona cases some counties students will be forced to stay home and don’t go back in the respected time as communicated. This seems to be a relieve to the students but on the other hand is a burden to their parents.

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