Parents Association Mounts Pressure On TSC To Send Show Cause Letters To The Following Principals

The Teachers Service Commission has failed to take action against the vicious school principals.

TSC, being an employer of teachers, should take action against disobedient principals, who are about two per cent of the total number of about 9,000.


The commission only needs to write a show cause letter to the principals, I think with this, they will change.


If TSC does not take any action, we will have no option but to report them.


I have received many complaints from parents, I also have lots of copies of fee structures, about 20 of them.


When education CS George Magoha directed that parents who are able to pay fees should pay dues, it was not about sending students home.


Later, it was us, the parents, who told her that the teachers had proceeded to send the children.


You travel everywhere in the city, you meet learners who have been sent home for school fees.

There was evidence for some that the parents had approved the fees, the challenge being when the government asked them to send the students home, and they took advantage of it.

Then after two weeks, when we called the CS and gave evidence, he said, no, children should not be sent home due to arrears of fees.

You hardly see any child in the streets because the teachers know that they are sending them home to collect things like remedial, development and motivation fee.

Whatever teachers send students home is not in the basic education fee guidelines.

I would still request the CS to take action and keep dealing with the defiant principals.

But I can say that they have reduced, even the cases of overcharging parents have reduced.

If the teachers are asking for money for something like building a classroom or hostel, that’s fine, but we are against these additional charges.


I would also like to ask the parents to pay the fees, if you are able to pay the fees of your child and you fail to do so, action will be taken against you.


Parents who can’t afford boarding school should consider taking their kids to day schools where it’s a bit more friendly and they can afford it.

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