Postponed Teacher Delocalization To Begin Effective Next Month

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced the mass transfer of teachers. The mass transfer of the classroom teachers, deputies and heads of institutions was planned to take in July 2021 but was suspended due to a surge in the positivity rates of Covid-19 infections and deaths in most parts of the country.

The exercise was suspended to a later date which was disclosed by the Commission. However, TSC promised to commence the exercise when the situation deems safe.

According to TSC up to 4, 000 teachers were to be delocalized last term. Most of the targeted were school heads and their deputies working in their home counties as well as those who have been in the stations for more than nine (9) years.

The teacher delocalization policy has been an issue of controversy that has caused an uproar among teachers before.

Teacher delocalization this year will mark the second group mass transfer of teachers working within their home counties. This exercise was first done in the year 2019.

The planned mass transfer will take place despite the public outcry due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has been curbed in the country.

According to the Teacher Service Commission CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia delocalization of teachers exercise is geared towards providing classroom teachers with a new working environment and also tap into their vast experience.

Dr. Macharia further said that teacher delocalization will help in minimizing ethnicity in the country.

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