Private Schools demand for government support

Investors at private schools in the Kisumu county have appealed to the government to help them following the devastating effects of Covid-19, which has crippled functioning in their institutions.

The National Secretary of Kenya’s Private Schools, Mr Charles Ochome, at the same time applauded the Department of Education for meeting the cost of enrolling all candidates for the Kenya Secondary Education Certificate (KCSE) and the Kenya Primary Education Certificate (KCPE) in both public and private schools.

Ochome lamented that private schools were hit hardest during the Covid 19 era and called on the State to expedite the release of the Sh7 Billion set to help them cope with the challenges posed by the devastating epidemic.

The association has called on the government to pay tuition fees for private schools in contrast to the current situation where only those in public schools enjoy the center.

“We urge the government to treat children equally. Paying for tuition fees in private schools will reduce the burden on needy students to get a better education, ”said Mr Michael Oliech, Secretary of the Kisumu County Private Schools Association.

Oliech complained that bank loans were no longer being held due to their interests and asked the government to lend less money to private school owners.

Many private schools in kisumu County have continued to operate despite the severe financial crisis but the next few in the Obunga, Manyatta and Nyalenda informal settlements were forced to close.

In the meantime owners of private schools have welcomed the recently launched Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) program and have confirmed their support for its implementation.

The director of the Living Streams School in Kisumu, Emmy Awino, thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta for allowing private schools to continue operating during the Covid 19 epidemic while reviewing its anti-violence measures. He said independent schools in the district had done well despite the challenges posed by Covid 19.

Awino was speaking on Monday at a ceremony to celebrate school performance at KCPE 2020. Some of the 13 students who will be attending a Christian school, which was set up with the aim of giving back to the community, received more than 300 marks in the recently released KCPE results.

Leading forward, Prince Ikabi, 14, scored 389 marks and aspires to be a pilot.

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