Prof. George Magoha; Announces His Exit Date As the CS In The Ministry of Education

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha is the first senior government official to state that his term in office  will expire soon.

While overseeing the release of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams on Monday, Magoha explained that his department had developed a program to help students progress to the new curriculum in his absence.

He also added that he may not be in office when the system is fully operational.

“As you know, it is already too late so the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) will start registering candidates for the 2021 exams before the March exams. In December 2022, we will write another test. I hope I won’t be there, but we will be planning everything so that those who will take over from us have a seamless process, ”he said.

The ten-year term in office of President Uhuru Kenyatta ends in August 2022, and as usual, the new Head of State is expected to appoint new cabinet secretaries.

Some Cabinet Secretaries have also indicated that they are joining politics.

Magoha was appointed as Education CS in March 2019 replacing Amina Mohamed and the judge continues her work in the most important fields in the country.

In a developmental context, Magoha has also announced that students will be allowed a one-week leave when schools close on July 20 as the government seeks to make up for lost time brought on by the long-term closure by 2020.

“We have deliberately created a strong academic calendar that enables us to accelerate the completion of school terms. The New Year includes the introduction of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) Grade 5. To avoid uncertainty, we will all introduce Grade 5 together; whether you are in private or public schools. There is only one government, ”he explained.

The first Grade 6 summary test will take place next year, when President Kenyatta has sworn in the permanent cabinet secretary in charge of CBC .

Term One will start on July 26, and students will have another one-week break from October 2 to October 10 before opening a second term the next day until December 23rd.

Next year there will be four terms before schools return to the normal calendar in January 2023.

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