Professional Documents To Be Maintained By Teachers

The teachers service commission requires that all teachers should comply with the performance standards. This will be achieved through maintaining professional documents and records that will facilitate curriculum delivery.

It is important for teachers to maintain this professional documents for purposes of assessment by the commission supervisors and aid during appraisal.

Therefore, the following documents must be maintained, prepared, used and updated all the time by teachers.

  1. Current personal timetable
  2. Syllabi/course outline/curriculum design
  3. Approved schemes of work/ work plan
  4. Updated lesson plan/ facilitators guide
  5. Updated lesson notes / presentation notes
  6. Records of work/ sessions/ activities checked weekly
  7. Examination analysis by subject (National and internal)/ Assessment records/staff training indices training
  8. Marked/ checked learners work exercise books/training reports/ back to office reports.
  9. Co-curricular/ team building activity records
  10. Learners’/trainees conduct and behavior records and guidance and counselling records
  11. Copies of subject/programmes/departmental meeting minutes.
  12. Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development Records.
  13. Individualized Educational Programmes (IEP Records)
  14. Professional Development activities
  15. Lesson Observation Records
  16. Records of Community and stakeholders involvement
  17. Evidence of ICT integration in Teaching and learning.
  18. Preparation of Teaching aids using locally available resource materials


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