Professional Work Ethics For an Effective Teacher


1)Be knowledgeable in your subject area and use different learning styles.
2) Be humble and punctual: it’s the soul of business.
3) Professional hazards are inevitable so make up your mind.
4) Don’t Involve in exam malpractice:you shall be remembered for that in future.
5)Dress decently but formal.
6) Male teachers: avoid close contact with the female students.
7) Female teachers: watch your relationship with male parents.
8) Never destroy the school after your exit.
9) Study your appointment letter before you accept the offer.
10) Don’t abscond no matter what. Resign with honor.
11) Your class control defines who you are.
12)Accept responsibilities, they are the doors to your future promotion.
13)Be efficient/effective.
14) Avoid lifts from parents if necessary.
15) Be reliable and ensure to gain the confidence of the learners as well.
16) Be ware of Greek gifts and the trojan horse.
17) Keep your records up to date.
18) Be regular in school, it’s a sign of commitment.
19)Don’t compromise on ethics: it’s your highway code.
20) Spare sometime for your biological children.

Apart from the classroom, this are some areas to promote the school?
1) Indoor games.
2) Sports/athletics
3) Literary/Debate
4) Cultural dance etc.
5) Music
6) Art and craft(hands on)
7) How many new intakes have you brought to the school?
8) How much of your personal time do you devote to slow learners?
9).Don’t disparage the school even if you were ill treated.
10)What would you be remembered for when you leave the school?
11) ……….
12) ……..

21) See the school as yours so help to build it.
23) Don’t bring down your school when you go for interviews, even if what you’re saying is true. Be diplomatic..
24) Never lose hope on any child.
25) Look for their innate qualities and identify their potentials.
26) Don’t be sarcastic when referring to the learners.
27) Serve with all your heart. God’s gift does not come in shiny colors
28) Go for periodic medical check ups.
29) Two or three of you can form an alliance to start a business.
30) You will always have the children of the elite, affluent, poor, young and aged parents. So, learn to manage them all.
31) Improve yourself else you would be obsolete. Personal development is necessary.
32) Be at the peak of your performance at all times. No dull moments.
33) Be consistent in all you do.
33)Honesty is an attribute you should not toy with.
34) Courtesy portrays the inner you. Exhibit it at all times.
35) Hardworking staff are uncommon. Don’t be a mediocre.
36) Don’t reveal official secrets unnecesarily.
37) Be a brand with a niche.
38) Be happy with yourself so don’t allow anyone steal your joy.
39) Take time to reflect: any successful person was once an ardent learner.
40) Don’t wait for your retirement benefits: your future starts now. Think and plan ahead.
May your EXCEPTIONAL work ethics take you FAR.

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