Promoted Teachers Cry Foul as TSC Pays Them Low Salaries Than Expected

The Teachers Service Commission recently promoted over 16000 teachers after conducting interviews in February 2021. The commission had placed adverts in December 2020 calling for applicants for various job grades.This was good news to teachers who had stagnated in one job group for many years.

The most affected teachers are those who had served former job group L for a long time. This is where majority of teachers are currently serving and progression to the next level has been a nightmare to many. Currently there are over a hundred thousands teachers in this grade.
When the advertisement was done it brought joy to many teachers in former job group L (C3) as it presented an opportunity to progress to C4. The advert for C4 had slightly over 6000 positions which the many teachers in C3 competed through competitive interviews.

Teachers applying for C4 had many hurdles to overcome before making successful application. The commission released the adverts through the media at the eve of 24th December 2020 and set 13th of January 2021 as the deadline of the application. The advert compelled teachers to have all the certificates required to comply with the chapter six of the constitution regarding integrity.

The short notice given by the commission to get the necessary documents became difficulty for many teachers to comply. The financial implications of getting the document was high as some had to clear arrears of tax to get KRA. Indeed many teachers gave up and failed to apply. Out of over a hundred thousands teachers only a partly eleven thousands applied.

Those who were successful after the interview had high hopes that the promotion to C4 will be accompanied by considerable salary increment. Whereas most teachers promoted had already reached the salary ceiling of ksh 53,452 in C3 , it came as a shocker when they realized that C4 had a salary ceiling of Ksh 55,346. This means that the salary increment will be about Ksh 2000. This begs the question if this amount is commensurate with the appointment to the senior master iv (C4 ) since the promoted teachers will serve as administrators. It’s the prayer of the promoted teachers that the commission will note the anomaly and correct it.

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