Promotion interview: Documents to Carry during interview and what you should be equiped with

Since this interview is meant to change your grade and job group which will in turn increase your salary, there is need to prepare well before you present yourself before the panel for interview. TSC always carries out this exercise almost every year as it looks into hiring teachers to those positions that are vacant where others have retired or exited service.

Sometimes many people rush to interviews without adequate prior preparations. This makes many of them fail the interviews as they forget to put their documents in order. Therefore it’s important to put all your crucial documents in order as early as this before the actual date. Apart from putting documents in order, it’s important to observe the following before appearing before the panel.

1. Dress Code

Putting on a decent dress code is an added advantage during this interview as it won’t be the topic of discussion before the interview kicks off.

For women putting on a decent skirt that covers you well is an advantage. Your skirt should not be above your knee. Or a trouser for women is also recommended so long as it’s not too tight.

For men, putting a suit is not the only way to look descent, but putting on a nice trouser with a nice plain shirt with a tie won’t be a wrong idea if you don’t have a suit. Men should also maintain a descent hair cut that won’t spark a discussion during the interview.

2. Documents orderliness

Always arrange your documents in order starting with the recently attained or awarded documents. Arrange them well your documents wallet or envelop as this will help the panelists go through your documents faster and with ease.

3. Conduct

Once you arrive at the venue for the interview, avoid actions which may show that you are tensed , uncomfortable or exited. Avoid chewing and looking around the room as this may show lack of confidence.

4. Co-curricular activities

Extra curricular activities documents like certificates may be necessary as they may earn you more marks in case of a tie. These documents show that you have something more to offer on top the actual job you are looking for.

Ensure that you observe the above if you want to be relevant during the interview.

On top of these, also ensure that you acquaint yourself with tsc code of conduct, current affairs in education, mastery of content in your subject area, tsc policies, ministry of education policies and knowledge of your school.

Similarly, you should understand issues concerning TPAD. Look for as much evidence as you can they may need to have a supportive document of what you updated on your TPAD.

A record of handling learners on an individual level is another thing that you need to have evidence on.

Linkages with community, a photo attending a funeral or getting involved in community activities. Be conversant with CBC.

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