Qualified Teachers cry of High Unemployment Rate

As Experienced in the ongoing Internship interviews

Unemployment has always been a nightmare in the country. The level of unemployment has now risen to 7.27% and many people are living below the poverty line.

From the study that has been conducted from Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th of this month, it has been observed that there is a very large number of teachers that are unemployed. This has been manifested by the large number of candidates who have availed themselves for interviews for internship that are ongoing.

Recruitment of teachers was done in October where the teachers were required to make the application online. The number of slots that were advertised were around 11,000 but to the surprise of the commission, over 300,000 teachers were competing against these few slots.

When the newsyetu team went round to interogate then teachers who were attending the interview, I came out clear that the commission has put in place wrong modalities of employing teachers. For example, they were lamenting over the interns who were employed last year and worked for only 2 months but we’re given an upper hand in the interviews with an additional 10 marks which disadvantaged other competitors. Similarly, they told our team that if TSC would have been brave enough, they would have confirmed those teacher on internship in their respective stations first before advertising for other slots for permanent and pensionable terms.

Many teachers were seen to have lost hope and confidence with the commission as they are saying they have suffered a lot and they regret the fact that they struggled so hard only to remain jobless. Those with families have lamented too as they also don’t have any other source for the upkeep of their families considering the fact that they were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic that made them lose the BoM jobs that they had secured. One of the teacher who happens to be a History/CRE teacher who sought anonymity, told us that he has stayed out without a job in the last 5 years since graduation. He advised that the tsc should change tact on how they employ teachers.

From the study that was done by our team, it was established that so many trained and qualified teachers both in primary and post primary teachers are suffering and living below the poverty line. As it stands now, if statistics is something to go by, which we don’t think it lies, it’s evident that over 400,000 teachers are unemployed despite the fact that they are trained, qualified and registered by the commission.

Our team has recommended that it will make an appeal to the teachers Service Commission so that they can help this large number of unemployed teachers secure a teaching vacancy so that they can improve their lives.

Therefore for those teachers who are unemployed, we want to bring to your attention that your woes have been haerd and we are working on them. As part of our appeal, if you feel like there is something that needs to be done, you can notify us via our comment section or contact us section so that we can include then in our recommendation before we make an appeal to the teachers Service Commission. We are a committed team and we are determined to make lives better for the teachers out there.

Teachers stay tuned, we wi notify you when everything is streamlined and our feedback from the teachers service Commission.


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  1. I wish the commission confirms all teachers at their current BOM stations……..to fill that chance because at these stations we have serious workload bt a very poor pay and not consistent

  2. Some teachers who filled employment forms during October 2020 have not received posting letters in kisii County yet their counterparts have received the same. Kindly, what is going on? I am speaking for the primary teachers.

  3. Why should the government keep
    on training more teachers and yet not able to observe them to the system? TSC and Universities should regulate the number of candidates doing education to reduce the numbers of teachers who are unemployed ,who might have done another course and secured a job in another sector of the economy

    1. TSC has no problem, campuses should check device a modality of reducing teacher training in the nxt Five years so that the number does not go higher to give room for others who are already employed to be absorbed first.

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