Reasons Why Holding a Diploma Course in Kenya is “Safe”

Over the recent past, a number of industries have been noted to give preference to applicants with diplomas over those with degrees, as the market dynamics are changing both locally and worldwide.

Highlighted below are some of the reasons to as why it is getting more and harder to find employment, despite having a highly esteemed degree.

As per the state of matters, these days when earning a bachelor’s degree in a certain profession was considered impressive are long gone. The demands of the market and the perceptions of the sector now determine employability.

Elements like human behavior, likes, and preferences in addition to things like what is in demand or what is pricey have contributed to this situation.

These minor distinctions have given certificate holders an advantage over degree holders in the present labor market.

Highlighted here are some reasons on why people with diplomas are preferred:

1.Diploma holders are not choosy

There are a number of individuals who graduated from college with an engineering degree four years ago but has yet to find employment.

Since it is so believed that degree holders are picky, employers like diploma graduates. They won’t settle for anything less because they believe they are entitled to a certain range of positions or employment.

2. The Diploma holders are more technically skilled

This is a belief that those who are qualified to pursue degrees have a good conceptual understanding.

In addition,they are therefore more drawn to concepts than to procedures because of this.

3. Diploma Holders are diligent workers

It is assumed that most Diploma holders are fully aware of the strong competition they face from those who possess degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees, as well as from those who hold certificates.

The Diploma holders understand right away that they must put in more effort if they want to stand out from the crowd. They put a lot of effort into their work in order to get that promotion.

4. The Diploma holders don’t frequently switch jobs


Degree holders believe they are entitled to betterment and hence do not stay at their jobs for very long. Unlike diploma holders, Some degree holders only stay for six months or less before they decide to change employment.

5. Diploma holders are adjusting

It is believed that Diploma gradunds would gladly accept the work and adjust to any environm whereas degree holders would stay and choose and wait to get that perfect job that would never arrive.

6. The majority of Diploma holders are devoted and loyal

majority of diploma holders start out in lower-level positions and advance through the ranks.

As a result, they become devoted as they advance in the organisation and gain experience. They are preferred because of this.

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