Reasons Why TSC Has Delayed To Send Interview Invitation Messages to Applicants

Teachers service commission (TSC) announced over 1,995 internship job postings nationwide, to be filled by qualified unemployed teachers. Applicants were advised to send their applications online through the TSC portal.

Interview schedules per county are already out, what remains is the interview invitation signal from the schools which received applications.


This has caused a lot of anxiety to many applicants who have been waiting since the 27th of September 2021 when the application was closed. But what could be the reason for the delay in sending invitations SMS messages?

Below are some reasons could have led to the delay.

1. Challenges of collecting data of applicants from the online application system. It’s time-consuming and hectic to organize data in an efficient and streamlined way following the larger number of candidate pools.

2. TSC stakeholders have not reached a consensus on how to pick the best-qualified candidates. Bearing in mind that there many applicants battling over limited number of vacancies advertised, the commission is intending to device an elimination method that will see it shortlist most preferred candidates for interviews to avoid overcrowding at interview venues going by the fact that COVID-19 still continues to bite the country.

3. Some school heads might be delaying the process as some of them may be having their preferred candidates whom they would like to favor, hence they don’t want to invite other competitors who may spoil their plans.

3. TSC is probably waiting for the final decision from the larger committee on when schools that has a huge deficit of teachers so that they can assign them most preferred candidates, hence the delay.


Let the applicants be patient. The employer is probably struggling to avoid unconscious biases, I believe it’s working on providing equal opportunities by hiring objectively.

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