Recently Employed Teachers Who Have Not Received Their Posting Letter Have a Reason To Worry


Following the senate’s summon of the teachers service commission last week to explain what made them award intern teachers 30 marks during the recruitment process last month, the posting letters of these teachers are likely to be cancelled if the motion brought to the senate will sail through.

Since last week, the senate has been mounting a lot of pressure on the teachers service commission over the same. Dr. Lagat who is a senator and doubles as a lecturer has challenged the commission to give a valid explanation as to why the recruitment exercise can not be cancelled.

The senate has also indicated that putting teachers under internship as a gateway to permanent job is disadvantageous to those who graduated earlier and have never gotten a chance to venture into this slowly turning lucrative opportunity.

Dr. Lagat lamented that there may teachers who graduated some 10 years ago but have never gotten an opportunity to secure permanent employment with TSC neither have they ever gotten a chance to join the internship program. He argued that recently graduated teachers have at some point used dubious means to secure internship positions which has seen them gather an advantage over their counterparts who graduate earlier than them.

This has put the commission at a point of lack of fairness when it comes to employment. This has made many trained and qualified teachers lose trust with the commission when it comes to employment.

In this year, the teachers service commission employed 6,000 teachers on internship something that was meant to address shortage of teachers in schools following government directive of 100% transition. The teachers were supposed to complete their contract at the end of this year so that they can earn the 10 marks that were awarded to the previous lot of internship teachers who were employed in December 2021.

Contrary to the expectations of many, the commission released the employment scoresheet for mass recruitment in July which gave all the intern teachers an advantage of 30 marks including those who had barely worked for only five months and had not completed their contract. This matter caused an uproar among teachers but it fell on deaf ears.

Therefore, let the internship teachers who secured permanent jobs with the commission prepare themselves psychologically on either side of the coin. Regret letters have always been sent by the commission on grounds of similar situations. Therefore, this should not come to them as a awe shock since its something anticipated for if the demands of the senate will sail through

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