Relieve To Teachers Who Missed TSC Profile Update

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has reactivated profile updating portal after it was closed yesterday midnight. The exercise was initially scheduled to end on 30th November 2021.

However by close of business yesterday most teachers had not yet updated their profiles. Most of the affected teachers are the ECDE, BOM, unemployed and those in private schools.

The teachers say they only knew about this exercise recently. This is after confusion surrounded the exercise where BOM, ECDE, unemployed and intern teachers were unsure on whether they should take part in the exercise.

Through a circular dated 28th July 2021, Dr. Reuben Nthamburi, who is also TSC Director Quality Assurance and Standards, ordered teachers to update their profile by 30th November 2021 to help the Commission maintain an updated register of teachers.

It has been established that the teachers’ details in the Register is not updated. To this end, the Commission has opened the online register to allow individual teachers to update their details.

A link has been developed in the TSC website where all registered teachers are required to access and update their details by 30 November 2021,” said Reuben Nthamburi.

However some teachers misinterpreted this information to think only teachers employed with TSC should update profiles. On Friday Nancy Macharia emphasized all registered teachers whether in public or private schools should update their profiles.

This means any teacher whether BOM, ECDE, unemployed, or intern should update profile as long as he/she has a TSC number.

There are some 341,760 teachers working in public schools and 160,000 in private institutions. Macharia said the exercise is crucial, making reference to provisions of the constitution and TSC Act that mandates it to keep all teachers register.

The Commission is in charge of maintaining the register of all teachers and issue them with the Certificate of Registration. Registration of teachers is a mandate accorded to TSC through Article 237 of the constitution.

“It is also under Regulation 29 that we must continuously update teacher record and this is the register. So that if we have left out a detail we capture because we are requiredto do so ever so often,” said Macharia.

She said that sometimes teachers give their details but forget certain particulars. The basic details required by teachers for the exercise include their national identification cards, name, Kenya Revenue Authority numbers, religion, fate of birth, gender, mobile phone numbers and nationality.

Also needed are details on home county, sub county, division, zone, constituency, impairment type, permanent postal address, post code, permanent town, current postal address, post code and town.

“Once the basic details have been updated, one will be required to upload documents and certificates that prove academic qualifications,” said Macharia. Section 23 of the TSC Act also stipulates that the registration of teachers must contain the qualifications and such other particulars as may from time be prescribed by the Commission, in respect of which the registration is granted.

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