REPRIEVE: Good News To Parents And Teachers Over CBC After The MPs Intervened

The lawmakers have now sent a message of relieve to the Kenyan parents and teachers over curriculum based system of education.

They have instructed the curriculum development commission to give fresh guidelines on assignments and duties to be taken.


This came after an outcry was made from the public that the type of assignments and homework given to students was tedious. It actually required the parents to work an extra mile than usual.


Some said they were told to have photos of mosquitoes and print them for their parents. This was almost not easy and made them to feel disturbed.


This is why the lawmakers now want the ministry and the KICD to ensure they give clear guidelines on the implementation of the system.


This comes after the law society of Kenya president Nelson Havi moved to court to challenge the cost of the CBC system. He said the essence of an education system is to make education cheaper and affordable to everybody.

CBC is making education expensive and unaffordable to the citizens.


If this is done, atleast the parents and teachers will be able to handle the system comfortably.


Nelson Havi promised to pursue this matter to the letter to see the Kenyan parents relieved of the high cost of education.


Primary Teachers who have been recalled to go back to school for diploma upgrade In preparation for CBC implementation have shunned this act in the strongest term possible citing how expensive the program is and the longer period it will take for them to wind up.


Many stakeholders have cited the program to be very expensive for learners, parents and teachers since the activities involved are tedious, time consuming and even costly .


The public and primary Teachers are calling on the government and relevant human rights bodies to save them from this quagmire so that they can return back to normalcy and embrace the 8.4.4 system since it’s cheaper than the CBC program.


On the same note, it has been observed that the program was implemented hastily without prior consultation with all the stakeholders. This has seen many people cite that it just die a natural death.

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