Revealed: 8 Interview Questions Likely To Be Asked During The Coming TSC Interviews

Teachers who applied for TSC July 2021 Recruitment have a reason to smile as the interviews are slated to start from tomorrow. Unfortunately this year the recruitment has attracted more than 200,000 applicants. This means that the interviews are going to be very difficult. The number of applicants was high because those teachers in the private sector also applied after coming under the grip of Covid-19.

If you were shortlisted and were sent a message calling you for an interview, consider yourself lucky. You just need to be fully prepared for the interview and you can get that job. Make sure to carry all the documents mentioned. You are going to compete for only 5 marks during the interview. But do you know that 5 digits are very important and you should not miss it because a cam works only with 0.5 points difference.

To stay safe, here are 5 common interview questions and how to answer them that you need to know. Try to see how well you can answer these questions so that you don’t lose 5 marks. Share to benefit others as well.

1. Tell us about yourself?
The interviewer is not interested in listening to stories; they just hope Know your academic and professional achievements, your name and The institute you are currently working for. Take a minute to introduce yourself and your condition, educational qualification and your Relevant experience (if any)

2. Why do you think you are the best candidate?
The recruiter expects you to tell them

about your professional achievements

and unique skills that you have

Will add value to the organization.

If you are a customer care graduate

so you should tell them that you are

a good listener and patient; these

The qualities the employer is looking for.

3. What are your weaknesses?
The question is not as simple as it looks;

Most of the candidates fall vacant when they

Face this kind of question.

Take your time explaining why you

can’t leave the office in front of you

completing a task.

You can also tell them how you are

to trust someone quickly, which in most

Cases make you a victim.

4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
The employer wants to know whether you are ambitious or are you kind of a person who secures a job and Then you forget about yourself.

Answer the question by explaining how

you intend to further your studies and

Proceed Professionally As You Strive

Meet your employer’s goals. (Linking your goals to your employer’s goals is important because no employer would be willing to hire and invest in a rookie who’s in their organization in a year or less after investing in training the individual that will leave)

5. How do friends describe you?
Question is testing your personal Features, make sure when answering this that you do not exaggerate.

Take the least time out for this to describe the best feature you have that you believe will add value to the Institution.

6. What do you know about this School?
Before entering the interview room, make sure you go through school information to read latest news, school Profile, Goals, Management, Team, Purpose, Vision and Mission; they will help you answer this questions.

The question expects you to briefly describe what you read on their website, not what you think about the school.

7. Do you have any questions to ask the panel?
This is usually the last question interview panel asks Interviewer; If you fail to ask them the question, you will lose some points, is always a question to ask no matter what. Ask them if they have plans to expand your business, whether they Support employees to advance their Studies and how they motivate employees. You can pull a surprise by asking when you will start, it shows confidence.

8. What is your salary expectation?
The question is difficult because you are a fresh graduate you have no clue what is to be paid; Just ask them what they pay others if they fail to deliver give a satisfactory answer, give them a reasonable limit.

Make sure you do your research first before you go to the interview room because this question should be asked

Success for Interview Appears

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