Riambase Secondary School KCSE 2020 Results And Grade Distribution

This school is located in Kisii County at Nyamache near Nyamache town in Bobasi Constituency. The school is a public mixed secondary school.

In the just released KCSE exams, the school has shown stellar performance beating many schools in the region. The school registered a candidature of 460. Out of the total candidature, the school managed to produce 443 candidates with C+ plus mean grade and above which is the minimum university entry grade. This number of students with C+ plus and above translates to 96.3% transition to the university.

The school recorded a school mean score of 8.2022 which translates to a mean grade of B- Minus.

Riambase Secondary school Grade Distribution

As much as the school registered an impressive mean, it did not manage to produce an A plain but managed two A- (Minuses).

Riambase Secondary school Grade Distribution

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