School Fees Has Been Revised Down By The Education Ministry Ahead Of School Reopening on Monday

After several complaints and decrees from parents who are bearing the brunt of the deteriorating economy in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has finally come to their rescue by reducing secondary school fees by 8,500 shillings.

This means that national schools will now pay 45,054 shillings while extra county and county schools will pay 35,035 shillings.

“And we agreed to consult with His Excellency the President and he won, and he said we should revise down the fees because the term is going to be nine weeks short. That’s for boarding schools.” Magoha said.

“And the money, the government pays it caters for everything except children food and boarding. So there are savings if you’re not boarding for nine weeks. And if you’re going to eat back at your house for nine weeks, then you will save a lot.

Magoha warned school heads against increasing fees when schools reopen.

“I have been shown a fee structure where people are demanding that you go to primary school with five thousand shillings before you go to school. That school is not yours, every child must go to school.

“The Constitution says that primary school is free and compulsory. The same government pays the school fees for all children in both government and private schools, pays the examination fees for them.” Education CS Magoha said.

Primary and secondary schools are set to reopen on 26 July for first term of 2021, lasting only 30 weeks, compared to the traditional school calendar that ran for about 39 weeks between July and March next year.

“I would now like to say that we are going into yet another journey into the unknown. The year that begins on the 26th of July and the second day of August.

“The term that we have just completed, ladies and gentlemen, there was no major issue with COVID, despite the fact that it was at the peak of the so-called third wave and we are now looking forward to the fourth wave.” Magoha said.

The calendar is an adjustment to the traditional January-December school cycle that was changed in March last year by the closure of educational institutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first session will start from 26th July and the learners will have another one week off from 2nd October to 10th October, after which they will open for the second session the next week. This term will last till December 23.

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