School Heads Warned against back door form one Slots

Form one selection set to kick of on 28th April 2020

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has warned school principals about welcoming candidates for the 2020 KCPE Examinations through dubious means.
The CS has announced that the department of education will conduct a one-time work to select form ones
this year. This means that parents and students will not be given a second chance to choose the schools they prefer. All candidates who will join form one will receive their 2021 admission letter through the ministry of education portal.
Previous exercises opened the way for parents and candidates to choose their favorite schools for the second time
choice. Some parents can go to their favorite schools, to see their children attend these schools. Magoha warned
against this practice, we say it prevents deserving students from entering certain schools in access to opportunities.
“Don’t try it my friend. The law will not let you down. Why sell an entirely to a parent for selfish reasons? Magoha asked.
To make matters worse, competition for opportunities in national schools this year is much higher than it was years ago.
Although national schools have a capacity of 30,000 in one form, only 8,091 candidates in the 2020 KCPE elections have attained 400 marks and more. It will be prioritized at 103 national schools in the country.
An estimated 282,090 students scored between 300-399 marks. The nomination process for Form One will be influenced by eligibility, nominees choice, regional balance, and the act of consent.
The regional balance will favor nominees who did not receive high marks nationally but who did well in their lower regions.
“We are looking for a program that will select the best brains from the Kiandutu informal settlement in Thika and move them to the Alliance,” he said.
Unlike in the past, the department of education will carry out only one task of selecting the 2021 phase. This will greatly affect the students who got less than 350 marks but have high hopes of getting to their favorite school, which usually happens a second time
selection cycle. Those who will be barred from national schools will have a soft spot in 531 additional schools with a capacity of 123,399. Others will end up in 1,032 (142,358) district schools and 7,325 schools in the four district
volume 685,590.
About half of the 2020 KCPE students will end up in sub-district schools.
Magoha warned school principals of selling form one vacancy to parents, who will run in the second selection, saying there is only one the selection will be and will be done by the government.
Magoha also warned parents against offering some bribes in National schools in order for their children to secure places in those schools.

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