Schools That Produced the Highest Number Of A’s

The situation at Alliance High School, the day the KCSE 2020 results were released on Monday, could be very deceptive.

At this school, the positive results included this year’s 77 A’s, 128 A – and a mean of 10.8557, is what the staff tells us is simply a matter of the river returning to its original position.

The school’s principal, principal William Mwangi told our team that this has improved since last year when the school registered 48’s A’s and 10.1 school mean score.

“School has a culture of excellence. Students have worked hard, however, this center of excellence can be replicated in other schools, ”said Mr Mwangi.

At Alliance Girls High School, not far away, the celebration of their performance continues even after the school reopens.

The 2020 phase baptized Hadassah who aspired to be a national leader.

And in the face of the epidemic, still, according to school principal Virginia Gitonga, they delivered.

“They had 52 s, 123 A- and mean 9.92,” said Virginia Gitonga, the principal said. “We have reviewed, we have completed the syllabus early, all grade issues, people who did not get As should not stop.”

Kenya High school produced the leading female and 6 top of Kenya’s top 15. The school had 53 As 102 A- and a definition of 10.3095.

Maranda High also had 48 A plain, 142 A- and 9.8, Kapsabet Boys also produced 65A, 133 A – and has 10.5312 points.

Maryhill High School in Thika, Kiambu sent 20 A plain, 120 A-minus and had a mean of 9.89.

At Light Academy, Nairobi, victory was made easier as the school emerged as the most improved private school in the country.

Of the 130 voters 25 of them received A plain, 36 A-, translating to 97% of university transition rate and a mean of 10.053

Of the 893 A’s obtained in the 2020 exam, almost all 721 were from national school students. As private schools got only 70 A’s

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