Secondary Schools Directed to Prepare Documents For Audit

Auditor General Nancy Gathungu has issued a list of documents that schools must submit for audit.

Schools will be audited for the last two fiscal years, according to Early Learning and Basic Education PS Julius Jwan.

This means that schools must present documents dated 20220/2021 and fiscal year 2021/2022.

“Secondary schools will undergo financial audit whereas primary schools will have their enrollment data verified from the County Director Of Education,” Jwan said.

In preparation, Jwan explained that CDE must submit lists of public schools and their enrollment, acknowledgment of FDSE, and enrollment data for the county in the year under review.

Secondary schools, on the other hand, have been instructed to prepare school registers, financial statements, cashbooks for all accounts, and bank statements.

“Others are vouchers to support payment, list of all non-teaching staff, letter of approval for RMI expenditure, and list of teaching staff,” Jwan said.

Jwan stated that the auditing process will continue even on weekends and instructed school principals to provide all required documents.

He said CDEs and SCDEs should notify schools that auditors have unrestricted access to documents, information, and the school.

The statement was distributed to all county superintendents of education.

Previously, the Auditor would only conduct audits of state departments within the Ministry of Education.

Jwan was speaking at a previous event where he urged school principals to cooperate.

“The government audits public institutions so they are going to do ten per cent in every county,” Jwan said.

The schools will range from national to extra-county to county to sub-county.

Jwan’s state department would appear in Parliament to answer questions about how money was spent in schools.

“This is money that was disbursed in their own right so I think it’s time they are held accountable,” Jwan said.

Jwan, on the other hand, stated that the main reason for auditing is to hold individual heads rather than an umbrella department.

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