Selected Primary Schools To Be Upgraded To secondary, Magoha Directs

The Ministry Of Education on June 23, announced the government’s plan to introduce junior secondary classes to primary schools under the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC).

This is based on the availability of unused space in primary schools with the CBC ending primary education at Grade 6.

Education CS George Magoha stated that Ksh 900 million has been allocated to the construction of extra classes in selected primary schools and a further Ksh 1 Billion to build two classes in some secondary schools.

Ministry officials are working on the number of primary schools by assessing the capacity of schools using a geographic information system (GIS).

Professor Fatuma Chege spearheaded the Curriculum Review Task Force formed by Education CS George Magoha.

“The GIS indicates that some secondary schools have some idle classrooms and we are going to establish the exact gap before construction of the classes,” commented Magoha.

Primary schools with established infrastructures that can host the junior secondary classes will be upgraded while those not able to and in close proximity will be merged and the infrastructure of one of them improved.

Magoha mentioned the progress made by Education PS Fatuma Chege regarding the selection process concerning the upgrade of the primary schools.

“The new Principal Secretary for the implementation of curriculum Fatuma Chege spent about two weeks in Machakos with her team working on the numbers and will soon give an exact number of primary schools that will be upgraded,” stated Magoha.

Magoha While addressing the CBC Task force

The Ministry allocated a total of Ksh 4.2 Billion for infrastructure development to primary and secondary schools in the 2021/22 financial year. The budget allocated is expected to ensure 100 percent transition for the pioneer class that completes their primary education next year.

Headteachers on June 21, cautioned Magoha on failing to release crucial details of the curriculum.

Ministry officials were reported to have camped in Machakos County in an attempt to come up with a report on how the CBC would be funded and policies guiding the teachers, however, they complained about working in the dark as they do not have access to the CBC task force report

The curriculum was launched in April 2017, with the intent of replacing the 8-4-4 system introduced in 1985 by the late Daniel Arap Moi.

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