Senior Intern Teachers will not be confirmed any soon.

If you are an intern teacher who did not secure employment in the just concluded exercise last year, don't think of getting confirmed by the teachers service commission.

In the past one year, being an intern teacher has proved to have very fantastic advantages. Just in 2019 when Teachers Service Commission (TSC) introduced internship in the pedagogy, teachers were reluctant to attend interviews citing that the stipends offererd by tsc were too meagre to cater for their needs. Some also feared being deployed to various parts of the country where the commission felt it had a need for a teacher as one would have been deployed in a place where there is insecurities something that would have jeopardized their lives.

Those who were lucky and brave enough to grab those opportunities had a reason to smile last year when the Teachers Service Commission ( TSC) had it’s mass employment of 11,000 teachers. The marking scheme was edited in such a way that it favoured those teachers in internship (Senior interns) as they scooped extra ten marks and were ahead of their counterparts.

This criteria of awarding marks to intern teachers attracted so many teachers and in the just concluded exercise of recruiting intern teachers showed an influx of teachers applying for fewer opportunities. The number of teachers who were witnessed during this intern exercise in one sub county was so high that it surpassed the number of vacancies advertised countrywide something that has proved the desperacy of teachers in the country.

Senior interns, those who were employed in December 2019, had hoped of being confirmed on permanent basis once they concluded their contract. But from the situation that is befalling the county, Covid-19, they were only able to work for two months. This implies that the Teachers Service Commission was not in position to confirm them as it had promised earlier on. Some interns were absorbed last year during mass recruitment as they were added extra marks and others failed to secure vacancies in schools they attended interviews. For those who did not secure vacancies, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) renewed their contract this year for another one year citing that their contract was hampered by the Covid-19 and they did not execute their duties properly. They are now required to fill forms once again in the TSC sub county offices for the contract renewal so that they can serve in their respective stations in the next one year.

The Teachers Service Commission is processing certificates for the senior interns so that they can serve as proof of internship during interviews and this means that the junior interns ( those employed this year) will not have any added advantage over the other teachers who did not secure internship unless they finish their contract.

The TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia uttered something about intern teachers saying that they will consider if they will confirm senior interns in their stations before mass recruitment after consultations in the commission something that has received cold reception from members of the Teachers Service Commission.

Since the feedback from the TSC members is negative, then it means that the Senior interns may have to go through the same process of interviews before being absorbed on permanent and pensionable basis.

This is great humiliation of senior interns as the TSC is going against the MoU that was signed when they got employed as interns that stated that they will be confirmed in their respective stations once they complete their contract.

But since the commission is still looking for possible solutions on the matter, then we are obliged to wait and see the course that it will take on this matter but chances of senior interns being confirmed are very minimal.




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