Senior Interns have a Reason to smile as TSC will confirm them before the July recruitment in their respective stations

As the exercise of recruiting Junior interns is ongoing, many teachers have expressed their discontentment with the exercise terming it partial and barbaric. Teachers have also noted that some schools are only conducting interviews for formality purposes as they already have their preferred candidate in place.

Comparing this exercise and the previous exercise that was done in December 2019, this current exercise has attracted quite a number of teachers from all over the country who are determined in securing this internship positions.

The influx of teachers to attend interviews has also been informed by the fact that those in internship will be awarded 10 extra marks during interviews which will put then ahead of others and accord them an upper hand in securing tsc permanent jobs. Secondly, they have been attracted by the increased stipend that they are supposed to be paid from Ksh. 15,000 to Ksh. 20,000. Initially when this exercise began in 2019, the teachers were reluctant to apply because they termed the stipends give to be very meagre in comparison with what they were earning under BoM terms.

The few who took the exercise positively and attended the interviews in Dec 2019 got a reason to smile as they scooped extra ten marks during tsc recruitment in September 2020.

It was evident that some teachers who were on internship not all of the secured jobs as much as they were awarded ten extra marks and some of them had to embark on their stations to continue working as interns.

But if the terms of the contract is something to go by, the interns expected the Commission to absorb them directly after completion of their contract. But it was so unfortunate that when Covid-19 hit the country and the schools were closed down, they did not have an opportunity to complete on their contract, something that might have made the Commission not to confirm them on permanent basis.

Since the commission has renewed their contract once again, rumour has it that the commission is intending to extend their contract so that they can complete the contract and recover the months they missed during the pandemic before the commission can confirm them in their respective stations. This is after the CEO of the commission hinted that the senior interns will be served with a certificate of completion of their contract before getting absorbed. She also muttered that the senior interns may be prioritized before mass recruitment is done.

Therefore, senior interns should not lose hope as the commission is still holding a brilliant plan about them which will see them get confirmed in their respective stations.

The junior interns on the other hand, they may not be eligible for the ten marks till they complete their contract. But they may be allowed to apply for any job vacancies that will be advertised by the commission in the course of their contract.

The tsc has also indicated that once they serve senior interns with certificates of contract completion, the certificates will serve as evidence of internship in any recruitment and not the pay slips as they did in the previous recruitment. Therefore junior interns may suffer a major blow this time round as they are obliged to complete their contract before they are awarded the ten marks.

Therefore senior interns should put a smile on their faces since the commission has a brilliant plan for them.

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