Senior interns to be confirmed by TSC on Permanent and pensionable terms next month, TSC has confirmed

This is the second year since senior interns were deployed in their respective stations. The last employment that was conducted in November last year saw them scoop a junk of 10 marks. This meant that they were ahead of other competitors by ten marks which gave them a upper hand in terms of success in their interview.

From the interview, it was clear that many of the senior interns secured positions in various schools on Permanent and pensionable terms.

On the other hand, some interns were not lucky enough to secure jobs and they had no choice other than going back to their schools where they were interned earlier on.

Since their contract had earlier been interfered with COVID-19, the commission again this year gave them an opportunity to renew their contract for another one year.

This showed the commission calling on them to fill new contract forms after which principals were required to write a casualty for them to confirm that they have reported to work. But what has been scaring them the more, is the fact that they have not been remunerated since the start of January.

Yesterday on 26th Feb 2021 the commission advertised 1552 replacement vacancies that unemployed teachers are required to apply. The commission advertised only 431 posts in secondary that teachers will be competing for.

As a norm, everybody is interested in applying for these vacancies including senior interns who did not get an opportunity to secure a job in the last employment. This has shown senior interns the inability to apply as the system does not allow them to proceed with the application. The response the system has been giving senior interns is that they are already employed by the commission on Permanent basis.

This therefore may imply that the senior interns might have been silently conformed in their current working stations and they are not eligible to apply for these replacement vacancies.

This response has set the senior interns in panic mode but at the same time,they should be smiling as the commission has confirmed them or is in the process of confirming them on Permanent basis, reason why the system does not allow them to apply. Let the senior interns exercise patience as the commission will soon communicate the way forward for them.


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