Senior Interns To Miss On The Ten Marks Privilege

Last year October, Teachers Service Commission advertised 11,574 vacancies which attracted over 300,000 applicants something that sparked debate and discussions among the unemployed teachers. It was later established that the number went far much higher due to the fact that some teachers who have been working in the private sector ( Private schools) were not paid over the corona period, something that motivated them to seek for permanent teaching jobs since their counterparts employed by the teachers service commission were still receiving their salaries even when they were not working.

Out of this influx, only 11,574 teachers were required. During this interviews, those teachers who had gone for internship reaped big as they were awarded 10 extra marks at the start of the exercise. This showed many intern teachers secure jobs in various schools with only a few interns did not manage to secure these jobs.

Following the retirement of 7,800 teachers last year December, the teachers service commission advertised 1550 vacancies this year for both primary and secondary schools. Secondary school was awarded 431 vacancies while primary schools were awarded 1,119 vacancies. Since TSC has moved from paper work to digital systems, applications were supposed to be done online which was closed on 8th March and later the commission has disseminated the merit lists to schools so that the applicants can be invited fir interviews.

While applying, the senior interns were not able to apply as the system recognized them as employed by the TSC. Later on, the system allowed the intern teachers to apply for these few jobs. Going by what the commission did in October, the senior interns were sure of gathering the ten marks as awarded earlier. Going by the score sheet that has been making rounds on social media which has shown no advantage of the ten marks by interns, its evident that the commission this time round they have not favored any of the intern teachers and they are likely to compete with their countertparts on a fair ground. Therefore, the senior interns should not be over confident during these interviews as they don’t stand any chance of being awarded the ten marks, they should be ready and should put their houses in order before they face the panelists.

2021 TSC Score sheet

Its not clear why the commission has decided to do so, but later we will be able to understand the reason behind it. Its also not clear why the commission decided to replace only 1,550 teachers and not all the 7,800 teachers. The commission ought to clarify which criteria they used to arrive at replacing only 1,550 teachers.

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