Senior teachers will receive a wage increase per job group, As TSC makes minor adjustments to their appointment

Under the Career Progression Guidelines, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) created new job grades for teachers (CPG).

Some job categories were eliminated, and others were merged, as a result of the current TSC teacher upgrade. The grade previously known as P1, which was under Job Group G, was cancelled and replaced with Grade B5 under the new system of grading teachers.

This grade was established as the official entry grade for all primary school tutors.

Secondary Instructors II are secondary school teachers with the grade C2 (previously K; Grade C2 is an admission grade for secondary school teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or its equivalent).

It’s also a promotional grade for those who have it.

These tutors are paid between 34,955 and 49,694 shillings per month as a basic salary.

In the planned salary hike, senior teachers in elementary schools in job category C5 will earn 64,631 shillings, an increase of 17,000 shillings. They are currently making 47896 shillings per month.

Secondary school senior teachers earn 157,656 shillings per year. A shilling increment of 40,000. They used to be paid 115163 shillings.

These instructors’ base salary are determined by the areas in which they work.

Teachers working in Nairobi receive a significantly greater housing allowance than those working in rural institutions.

However, all of these tutors are paid the same commuting allowance, which is 5,000 shillings.

The following is a list of requirements for an appointment:

A teacher must meet the following requirements to be appointed to the grade of Senior Teacher II;

  • For a minimum of three (3) years, you must have worked as a Primary Teacher I T-Scale 6.
  • Obtain an acceptable performance rating throughout the performance evaluation procedure
  • Have completed the appropriate TPD module with flying colors
  • Demonstrate the capacity to supervise, mentor, and support other teachers on a professional level.
  • Have a valid Teaching Certificate for any other duties that may be assigned.
  • Meet the provisions of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution, as well as any other conditions deemed essential by the Commission.

Responsibilities and responsibilities:

To ensure that the syllabus is covered in time for evaluation, prepare lesson plans, lesson notes, schedules, and schemes of work, as well as maintain academic standards in the school.

Teach specialty subjects to students in order to transmit information and skills.

Examine the students in their fields of study and prepare them for national and other exams.

Provide fresh ideas and programs to ensure that teaching and learning in specialty subjects improves.

To maintain consistency and progress in curriculum delivery, embrace teamwork through joint planning and teaching.

Create a suitable learning atmosphere by acting as a role model and maintaining learner discipline.

Organize workshops, seminars, and symposiums to exchange ideas and advance knowledge in certain fields.

Organize remedial actions to help students who are falling behind in their studies.

All school records, such as enrolment, teaching and learning resources, evaluation records, and attendance registers, should be collected, collated, and maintained.

Organize and coordinate in-service programs for teachers in schools to help them improve their teaching and learning.

To enable the sharing of knowledge, innovations, and new trends, organize school-based and zonal subject panels.

Ensure gender equity, equitable participation, and the maximizing of teachers’ and learners’ potential in curricular and co-curricular activities such as sports by coordinating gender mainstreaming concerns for teachers and learners in curricular and co-curricular activities such as sports.

Maintain the cleanliness of the school grounds and the orderliness of the students.

Maintaining school discipline and resolving student conflict.

Engage students in educational and extracurricular activities to help them discover, nurture, and develop their skills.

Assist the school’s disciplinary committee as secretary.

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