Sent Money To A Wrong Number Via M-Pesa And Recipient Has Used the Money? Do This!

If The person Refuses to Send back the money, you don't have to worry. Follow this to recover your money.

Most people in the country right now, uses Mpesa to either send money, receive, deposit or withdraw from an agent. In a single day one makes several mpesa transactions either sending money to client, friends or relatives. Sometimes you may end up sending money to the wrong recipient. If this happen one is adviced to reverse the transactions so fast by send the mpesa message to 456.

Sometimes this may fail mostly if the recipient who received this money has a fuliza. So even after reversing you can’t get your money back. If this is the case make an effort of calling the number you sent money to. Notify him or her that you sent money by mistake so that he or she can confirm the mpesa balance and send your money back. So many people use this method to steal from people so its important to confirm your mpesa balance before thinking of sending money to anyone.

Not every person is kind, sometimes some people may refuse to send your money back even after confirming that you have sent money to them by mistake. If you try to talk to the recipient but still you cant get your money back you can get assistance by visiting the nearest Safaricom shop.

Safaricom has located mpesa shops in almost every town throughout the country. Safaricom will now take legal action after checking and confirming the transaction details. Mostly if the transaction involved large amount of money, Safaricom will make effort to get your money back as fast as poaible. Make sure you visit the Safaricom shop as fast as you can after this transaction.

Please be nice to one another, you never know what tomorrow holds. If someone send money to your mpesa by mistake just send it back. May be tomorrow you will be in the same situation and you will need someone to send the money back to you. This money may bring curse and tears to you and your family. It’s also important to confirm the name of the person who you are sending money to. If the name doesn’t match the person you are sending money to, cancel the transaction before 25 seconds. This does not fail at any time.

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