Sossion Has Threatened of A Grand strike If the Treasury does not Honour SRC’s Pay Hike For Teachers

KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion has confirmed that he is aware that the Treasury has rejected the SRC demand. “It is a fact that the Treasury has rejected this money demanded by SRC and this will be a major setback to all workers in the country” He said that of the funds demanded by SRC, Sh32 billion was to be allocated to Teachers Service Commission. “But shockingly, Treasury only said it can raise Sh6 billion. And this means that TSC may only get less than Sh2 billion for the next four years. “Compare this to the Sh54 billion CBA that is coming to an end and you see this is a joke,” said Sossion and urged the Treasury to release the funds.

“By end of June, all the CBAs for the next phase (2021- 2025) should have been negotiated, signed and deposited at the Labour court.”

He termed as a sad affair for workers and trade unions, themoveby Treasuryto reject themodest request by SRC “We insist that the Treasury must allocate the money because we believe the economy can support the request. Failure to this means workers will be hurt and the job evaluation shall be useless” said Sossion. He said SRC job evaluation is almost ending and will inform salary adjustments for the next four years. “If SRC concludes job evaluation, it shall run for the next four years. If It is not well funded it means that the workers will be underpaid and poorly rewarded and this will not accepted” said Sossion.

Sossion said workers’ strike will be inevitable in absence of proper CBA funding across the public service sector.  “Thisis a serious matter that we cannot play around with. They are precipitating a strikefrom unionsand workers. It is a sad affair that they have always given us indication that we shall be able to sign the CBAs”

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