Starehe MP Charles Njagua Admitted In Hosipital

Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, was hospitalized.

The singer-turned-politician was admitted to a city hospital for knee surgery.

According to P Unit member Gabu, Jaguar underwent surgery after being injured while undergoing medical training.

“We always used to run in the Karura forest, and his knee was always hurting him,” he revealed.

After unsuccessful tests, he was unable to remove the pain, and his doctors advised him to undergo surgery immediately.

“He had no other choice, so we accompanied him to M P Shah Hospital,” he added.

It has been a small task, and the legislature is currently recovering.

“We are expecting him to be released from hospital soon. Doctors have recommended that he be placed in a sufficient bed for a few days so that his body can be repaired and cured.

In a social media conversation where Jaguar is seen lying in bed, good wishers are filled with this message of messages of encouragement and quick recovery notes.

“Quick recovery is honorable. I wonder what happened,” wrote a worried fan.

At the time, Gabu was simply revealing a few details about the ongoing event.

“Mhesh ako sawa. God bless you. (He is alive. God is good),” said Gabu.

During the ceremony, the legislature was accompanied by his friends on his chest, including gospel actor D K KK beat.

Parliament was still sitting and could not comment at the time of publication.

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