Stranded Boy Offers to Clean School in Exchange for Fees

Steven Napali, an orphan from Bungoma County, walked 14 kilometers to Teremi Boys High School in a bid to secure a Form One slot.

In an emotional account of his predicaments, Napali narrated to the media his painful reality of lacking financial muscle to facilitate his admission to Teremi Boys High School.

Napali, who has no immediate family, attended Orrecc School for Orphans and attained 355 marks out of the possible 500 in the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

On arrival at Teremi Boys High School, he pleaded with the school administration to let him sweep the compound, clean the dining area, or tend to the garden in exchange for tuition fees.

“I am willing to give my services to the school in the form of labor in exchange for tuition money. I can even clean the compound, the dining area, and even take care of the garden if they can only agree to admit me here,” pleaded Napali.

He lost his mother in 2017, and his grandmother on June 27, 2021, leaving him helpless.

Napali sought refuge at Orrecc Orphan School after his insane father tried to drown him and his two young brothers in River Nzoia.

“No one can help me from my family. My only hope was my grandmother who passed away on June 27. I am completely helpless and beg for your help,” implored Napali.

“As I speak to you now, I have lost all hope, and only well-wishers can help me out of this situation.”

The boy and the teachers at Teremi Boys High School are pleading with the national government and the County government of Bungoma for help.

Pupils of Orrecc School for Orphans in Bungoma County.

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