Take Note Of The Following Offences As You Prepare To Attend TSC Interviews

Teachers Service Commission has released the list of applicants who have been shortlisted in the upcoming teachers Internship recruitment. According to TSC statement, the applicants found to have breached various TSC Recruitment guidelines will be barred from taking the interviews.


The following are reasons why most of the applicants may be disqualified.


1. The applicants presenting a forged degree


2. The applicants did not the threshold for the advertised subject.


3. The applicant did not completely train as a teacher.


4. The applicant was previously employed by TSC and dismissed and removed from the register.


5. The applicant has two TSC numbers.

6. Though they were dismissed and removed from the register, they applied using another TSC numbers.


7. The Degree presented being disowned by respective Universities.


8. The applicant missing on the graduation list and awaiting confirmation from the University.


9. The applicant qualified to teach in certain subjects and undertook some enhancement in new two subjects but has no teaching practice in subjects applied for.


10. Names on the documents are different and the teacher requires to submit a deed poll to justify the changes of names.

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