Teacher Internship Now a Hot cake. See Why

Since Dec, 2019, the Teachers Service Commission introduced internship as a  modality in which all unemployed trained teachers are supposed to go through before getting absorbed by the commission for permanent jobs. The recruitment of intern teachers showed a low response from teachers as they cited that the stipends paid were far much low and would not cater for their needs.

For those who were able to fill the internship form, the agreement was that the commission was to confirm them in there respective stations on permanent basis at the end of the contract. This acted as a driving force to those who ventured into it as much as the stipends were too low.

After working for two and half months, Covid-19 hit the country and hampered their contract. When the Commission advertised 11,000 vacancies in October, the interns expected to be confirmed in their various stations before the kick off of the exercise, something that did not happen and showed these intern teacher scramble for this vacancies during interviews but with an added advantage of 10 extra marks which made them feel a bit appreciated. But this exercise did not absorb all the intern teachers and some of them were left with no choice and their contract was almost over.

In December 2020, the commission announced the extension of their contract for another one year but this time round with a stipend of Ksh. 20,000. Then later on early January, the commission again advertised internship positions for 5,000 intern teachers. This showed an influx of teachers during interviews since they were assured of the ten marks benefits that their predecessors were awarded and in addition the stipends have been added.

This year, February when the commission advertised 1,552 vacancies for replacement, the senior interns, junior interns and those not yet on contract were fighting for these few vacancies. The irony that befell the junior interns is that they were not awarded the ten marks as they expected and senior interns were awarded the ten marks. This made the junior interns angry but they had no option.

If the statements from the County Directors are something to go by, they assured the junior interns that from July of this year, they will qualify for the ten marks after all the senior interns have been absorbed. Therefore, this is a motivation and assurance that the senior interns will all be absorbed before July to pave way for the junior interns. 

Junior interns also should be smiling silently as they have been assured of the ten marks as from July. For those who have not been employed either on internship or permanent should not lose hope as they will also get employed during mass recruitment irrespective of the fact that they are on internship depending on their graduation year and their qualifications.

Therefore, let’s put our documents in order any time from now, since we don’t know when the commission will advertise for mass recruitment.

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