Teachers Barred From Taking Part in IEBC Jobs By Their Employer

Recently the IEBC advertised job opportunities for Kenyans to apply. Those who would work with the IEBC will just take the contract with the specified period of time.

From the major requirements that were set by the IEBC, one of them was one must be a Kenyan citizen and must be available for a period specified by the commission.

As the norm has always been, teachers happen to be the first ones who apply for such like jobs. The Teachers Service Commission ( TSC) having discovered this, it has gone ahead to do the unthinkable.

Since the Teachers service commission has over time fought absenteeism in schools, it has also sensed that some teachers will be absent for a period of the IEBC exercise which will run for more than three weeks and has gone further to put an injunction barring all teachers from taking part in the IEBC exercise.

The reason why the TSC has seen it wise to bar these teachers is simply because the exercise has been scheduled to take place amid congested term dates which will see students lose more in a time when they are supposed to recover the lost time during the long holiday when COVID-19 had bitten the country.

On the other side, the unemployed youths in the country have reiterated and applauded the move by the commission saying teachers should pave way for them so than they can also make some cash. They muttered arguing that the teachers have jobs and are still ready to confiscate this rare opportunity that will see them earn a living.

This move by the commission has been received coldly by the teachers arguing that they have the right qualifications and they should not be left out in this exercise considering that the commission does not pay them well.

Last week on 21st, August, 2021 the IEBC announced these jobs amounting to 9,570 positions  as it embarks on mass voter registration exercise.

Of the advertised jobs, 1,450 will work as the Voter Registration assistants, 580 as the Constituency  ICT clerks and another lot of 7,540 as Voter Registration Clerks who will be selected from across the country.

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  1. I think TSC should have highted in black, to specify those teachers employed by the commission either interns or PP teachers. Other applicants are just teachers by profession but not yet employed by TSC. Dont bar BOM teachers who have applied because others are just doing charity works, suffering, underpaid or just not paid at all by the board. #ifikieIEBCnaTSC

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