Teachers Have Been Barred From Accessing Teacher Loans

No more Bank Loans for teachers employed by teacher service commission that would be repaid for a period exceeding five years.

In the recent past, the repayment period for bank loans was increased from 72 months to 96 months for TSC teachers. The ninety-six months is equivalent to 7 years.

This period might be reduced by the banks to five years following the refresher courses that the teacher are supposed to undertake.

It is indicated that (yet to be confirmed by the TSC or not) if a teacher fails to meet the minimum requirements in the refresher courses he or she is likely to miss out on employment.

It is hinted that employment by the TSC will be contract terms and therefore if you fail in the modules you will not qualify to renew your contract.

Unfortunately, if this decision shall be reached upon and passed it will grief the teachers who are currently affected by the CBA which was much awaited. The new CBA which was to favor class teachers as hinted by SRC did not meet its expectations.

Currently, only teachers employed by the commission are three hundred and forty thousand approximately. There is still a larger number of trained teachers who are yet to be absorbed by the commission.

Implementation Competence-Based Based Curriculum may also affect teacher training services to a given percentage. This could even be the reason why the teachers are set to undertake refresher courses in the Teacher Professional Development modules.

It is yet to be determined when and how these courses shall be undertaken. Former Education Permanent Secretary has challenged TSC to reconsider their decision concerning the matter.

According to her, teachers should be blocked and the training be conducted within sub-county/county levels instead of universities.

At the same time restricting the training to one specific university and other universities can who can offer the same training should be reconsidered, she added.

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