Teachers In These Job Groups To Reap Big Following The Agreement Reached By the KNUT Officials and TSC Today

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut), which had previously objected to a CBA without monetary gains as proposed by TSC, is now climbing down and suggesting a possibility of having an agreement with a condition that the suspension only lasts two years.

TSC scheduled a meeting today with teachers’ unions to negotiate the proposed CBA, as pressure mounts on the latter to accept a deal without monetary gains.

KNUT-KE initiated a negotiation in which a 60% salary proposal was introduced while at the Naivasha retreat with the employer.

This will have the lowest earning teacher at B5 get Ksh. 14550 and the highest Ksh. 89016 as increments if the proposal gets a nod from both the employer and the salaries regulatory body SRC.

While in the retreat; both parties agreed to commence a restructured dialogue over the proposal and have it implemented as fast as it is practically possible.

The SG has confirmed his commitment to enhancing a better working relationship with the employer TSC premised on trust, commitment to creating a better working environment for teachers and a sincere dialogue in the engagements over the proposals.

The future is luminous in the foreseeable future.

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