Teachers Service Commission Announces The Official Dates And Fee Structure For Upgrading Program

In a bid to ensure that all teachers are conversant with the relevant knowledge and skills, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) through the Ministry of Education directed that all primary school teachers (P1) will be required to go back to class with an aim of upgrading their studies.


Most teachers who had earlier on applied for Diploma upgrading programs have acknowledged to have received their invitation letters to attend to various Teacher Training Colleges.

According to the latest communication from the Ministry of Education, the teachers are expected to officially start the training of 4th of October, 2021.


The training is meant to see the teachers in a better position of handling learners under the Competence Based Curriculum which is set to be officially implemented.


Some of the Teacher Training Colleges have already communicated to the applicants with the required fee structures. A case of Nakuru Teachers Training College as indicated below:

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