Teachers Set To Attend 2-Day Seminar on Remote Learning Methodology Starting 8th of June

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has directed heads of schools to provide it with details of teachers set to attend the seminar in excel format with a Remote Learning workshop set to start next week.

The heads of schools of both secondary and primary schools have been instructed to submit the details to their Curriculum Support Officers (CSOs) for processing to be done immediately.


For primary schools, headteachers and three teachers will attend the seminar.

For secondary schools, two teachers will be attending the training next week.

Along with the details, those of the head of the institution (HOI) is also to be provided.

The training has been named ‘Remote Learning Methodology’ is set to commence on Tuesday next week and shall end on Wednesday.

Details that are required to be submitted are as follows:

a) Name of the teacher

b) The teacher’s TSC Number

c) The teacher’s gender

d) The school that the teacher is stationed.

e) The mobile number of the teacher.

All teachers attending the seminar are required to attend the seminar with an ICT Gadget (smartphone or laptop).

These details are required for submission by Mid-Night of Thursday.

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