Teachers Who Are Not in Any Union Threaten To Demonstrate Over Agency Fees

Teacher who don’t belong to any inion have castigated the TSC move to deduct them agency fees following the Non-monetary agreement that was reached by the union officials.

They have strongly opposed this move and have threatened to go into streets if the Teachers Service commission does not stop the deduction of agency fees from their salaries.

Following the just released August salary, it was noted that the commission deducted the agency fees from teachers who not affiliated to any union.

On the other side also, the teachers have declared to press the exit button from the union which seems futile since they will still pay the agency as much as they not member of any union.

It has been confirmed by the KNUT Deputy Secretary general, Mr. Hesbon Otieno that agency fees deductions were effected starting last month, August.

KNUT’s membership now stands at 15,000 members from the usual number of 187,000 before June 2019. The union has seen mass exodus of members following the wrangles between the TSC and the union leadership of Wilson Sossion.

Otieno indicated that primary school teachers who are not affiliated to any union have been deducted the agency fees.

Oyuu, who happens to be the Union leader of KNUT, vies this deduction as one way of restoring the feeble relationship that has always existed in the past with the Teachers Service Union ( TSC).

The union secretaries and staff were seen to go for months without salaries since the relationship with TSC deteriorated which saw the union dues reduce from Ksh. 144 million to Ksh. 20 million.

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