The Amount Of money Embarambamba Earns From his Youtube Channel Will Surprise You

Top Kisii singer Embarambamba, the amount of money he makes through his social media site, which is Youtube revealed and today we will share with you how much he earns on Youtube after he became the most trending.
First of all, the Embarambamba YouTube account has over 70,000 subscribers which means that if you upload any video you have access to over 70,000 or more views.
Embarambamba makes sh. 3200 to sh. 50,000 shillings a day if its videos exceed 50,000 to 100,000 views.
After that he will make about Ksh. 1.57 million a month which is a lot of money for him. That means he will make Ksh. 17 million a year.
Embarambambawill be rich over the years and this means that he will be a successful artist if he knows how to manage his money well.

Every two days Embaramba usually uploads videos to his youtube account and this made him very popular.

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