The government has threatened to punish 8,000 secondary school principals

Speaking during the release of Student Placements in Universities and Colleges 2021/22 on Tuesday, August 17, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha said that principals play a vital role in the growth and advancement of a student’s career.

He said that during course selection, students should be counseled on proper selection to increase their chances of getting the course of their choice.

School heads were instructed to assist all students, including first time applicants, in the selection of their university courses.

Principals were required to log into the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) portal and submit students’ choices as per the prescribed guidelines.

In addition, Magoha criticized parents who always pushed their children to focus on supposedly respected courses such as medicine, engineering and aviation.


“You find a student who wants medicine as a first, second, third, and fourth option. You really are an idiot.


“Because nothing is permanent in this world other than change and you have to be resilient and, as a parent, you should tell your kids that they won’t always get what they want,” Magoha said.


He also directed the KUCCPS to conduct the inter-institution transfer process online for 30 days.



Magoha elaborated, “In order to enable successful applicants to pursue their courses, I am directing KUCCPS to conduct the inter-institution transfer process online from Wednesday, 1st September to Thursday, 30th September. ”


A section of school heads were recently put on the spot for defying a government order that banned fee hike in schools. This led to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) writing to over 200 headmasters seeking answers for their actions which were contrary to fee guidelines.

The TSC is expected to determine the fate of the principals.

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