The Revised Proposal for KUPPET 2021-2025 CBA

  • CBA catches internal teachers
    Kenya’s Union of Primary Education Teachers, KUPPET, has already written a revised copy of its CBA 2021-2025 proposal and
    submitted to the teacher services commission, TSC.
    The decision to review the proposal came at a time when KUPPET-TSC Naivasha withdrew in March.
    KUPPET has changed its CBA wage proposal for 2021-2025 to between 45% and 60%, from the first 30% -70%.
    Although Treasury pointed out the lack of funding for the full implementation of the proposed CBA, KUPPET did not comment on the matter.
    However, submitting its proposal to the TSC means that there are still many hopes for the July salary increase.
    In the proposed new CBA, KUPPET wants interns to be retained by the teacher service commission for more than six years
    months before permanent employment and pay a monthly sum of ksh. 25,000.

In addition, KUPPET also wants the TSC to offer teachers a master’s degree in education programs and actively
section. The union wants to introduce a post-graduate scholarship for teachers with a master’s degree and a PHD,
regardless of their position in the ministry.
The proposal also calls for teachers to treat teachers’ pensions in contrast to the current structure where retired teachers are frustrated and
they cannot access their pensions.
Another proposal by KUPPET is for the government to provide teachers with car loans and mortgages.
KupPET was responding to the SRC’s job evaluation report, which found a high burden on teachers in their classrooms and additional obligations that will arise after the CBC curriculum. Next

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