These Cartels planned to steal sh.2 Billion Meant For CBC Classrooms

The completion of classrooms and laboratories has been ordered by the Cabinet Secretary for Education, George Magoha, in the time allotted before President Uhuru Kenyatta leaves office.

At Butere Girls’ High School, the CS informed the students that the effort to alleviate pressure on school infrastructure in conjunction with the transition of 100 percent of primary school students to secondary school is experiencing delays.

“It was painful for politics to drag such a noble project, but I thank President Kenyatta for standing firm and ensuring that it is back on track,” he said. “It was painful for politics to drag such a noble project.”

Professor Magoha asserted that organized crime syndicates were attempting to sabotage the Sh8 billion infrastructure project that was intended for secondary schools in 110 subcounties.

“Cartels had the intention of stealing 2 billion shillings. They wanted us to build classrooms in schools that already had enough classes so that when the state allocates cash, those funds might be siphoned off, but we were able to stop them, he stated Tuesday.

The project hopes to help 600,000 kids in upper primary school as well as 600,000 students in secondary school.

“We learned that schools that already had nine classrooms had been given an additional nine classrooms to use. “We decided to donate the classrooms to schools who could use them more,” he explained.

Several contractors, according to the CS, provided an inaccurate estimate of the cost of the materials. In the meantime, Magoha issued instructions to personnel working for the ministry to carry out a cleanup operation in response to concerns that children were not enrolling in secondary schools.

Magoha advised the contractors who were tasked with building classrooms for the CBC to do so with integrity and to avoid being engaged in any fraudulent dealings.

He raised concerns about the number of schools that already have supplier classrooms and are receiving funding to build more of these programs.

He went on to say that such currencies make it more difficult for the government to carry out its goals to ensure a smooth transition to a competence-based curriculum.

At the same time, he asked local authorities to step up their game in order to round up students who had yet to report for admission to form one.

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